I strongly believe that each and every one of us got has seeds of greatness within us. All of us have a fire that just needs one spark. For past few years, I have been living my life to be that spark for as many people as possible. I was born in a village in a family of government employees. Studied in state run schools and lived all my childhood seeing my mother struggling to make both ends meet. Howsoever difficult was our condition; In the midst of all constraints and compromises, I always believed that my future would be entirely different from my past.

From being a medical student to an MBA, from a Regional Manager to a Direct Seller, from a Bestselling Author to a successful Social Media Influencer, from an entrepreneur to a motivational speaker, I sailed through my career by giving my 100% to every opportunity that came my way. I always gave more than what was expected from me and God rewarded me by getting me even bigger opportunities. I was 17 when I started my first NGO and got financially free by the age of 30. I have come out unscathed from 3 deadly accidents and I strongly believe God has kept me alive for a purpose and that is to inspire and empower people to be the best they can be.

Be alive every moment, keep growing, be happy, share your gifts, build a bank of memories and experiences, stay curious and lift others up have been the guiding philosophy of my life. I have learnt lot of lessons in this journey and have developed lot of tools and insights that transformed my life. I have been sharing the same through my books, videos, online courses, e-books, live events and every other opportunity that came my way. I always believe I am a work in progress and have been constantly striving for growth in every area of my life and striving to develop tools that can make success easier and faster for people.

I was born and brought up in small villages where basic education was scarce leave aside self-education. Now I want to take the best international knowledge and tools to every small village and ignite their potential with my spark. I want to reach out to grass root levels and be a catalyst for human empowerment at a mass scale across the globe. Let’s rise together and jointly raise the consciousness of society to scale unprecedented heights of success, happiness and prosperity.

Being number one always inspired me. Now I want to be #1 in growth, contribution and adding value to people’s lives across the globe.