What Do Rich And Successful People Do?

If your bank balance is still the same as it was 5 years ago, then you must seriously change the way you think and work, and the time to make that change is now.

You need to critically evaluate your goals, your action plans, your income, expenses, investments and what you are doing for personal growth. Being rich is the result and what you do every single day is the cause.

This blog aims to bring to your attention a few of the habits of the massively rich and successful people. If you commit to adopt these habits in your life, you are definitely on your way to riches.

Have you ever made a Balance Sheet or Profit & Loss Statement of your life?

Yes, your Personal Wealth Statement! It might sound strange to you, but this is one of the habits that take a person towards becoming rich and successful.

Work With Wealth Goals. Write down where do you want to be and how much money you want to earn in next 5 years, 1 year or 3 Months. Make a 5-year goal, then a 1-year goal and hence create a 3 months wealth goal statement. This will be your personal wealth statement.

Keep 10% of you income aside for savings every month. This is going to be your long-term investment. After every 6-12 months, invest this saved amount wisely on income generating assets like – shares, stocks, venture capital, rentals, etc. Make Your Money Work For You.

Another habit to talk about here is “The Habit of Constantly Investing in Your Education.” Rich and successful people don’t just stop once they are done with their school or college education. Instead, they constantly keep learning and developing their skills through books, training programs or online courses.

Manage Your Loans and Credit Cards. Never Take personal loans. Never take loans for Luxuries be it an expensive car, gadget, big house, etc., instead earn your luxuries when you become financially free.

To conclude I would just like to ask you to enjoy your life. Celebrate each day of your life and be happy. Don’t ever compromise your health, family and fun in the pursuit of being rich.

There are many more habits that will determine your financial future, and unless you work on your habits and change them for the better, your struggle won’t end.

Your success partner
Deepak Bajaj