Understand the Concept of Network Marketing with 8 Bollywood Movie Dialogues

For times when…


Your teammates quit the business too soon

Your prospects say ‘No’ to your offer

You fail your own expectation


I have something for you!

Today, I write to reach out to all my achievers with the biggest cinema crazes! This one is for all those times when you find yourself in a dilemma as to whether or not you are doing things right.

Here are 8 Dialogues every Network Marketer must know to retain and strengthen their belief system when things don’t turn out as expected.

“Jab log tumhare khilaaf bolne lage, samajh lo tarakki kar rahe ho.”


Every time you do something different, some people will change themselves and decide to follow your footprints and the rest will try to pull you down. At times like these, you need to stand tall and proud. There is no bigger disease than thinking “What would people say?”. Successful people are those who have concrete opinions and continue to pursue them respite of all the ridicule.

“Jab log khush hote hain toh numbers apne aap badhne lagtey hain, kyunki business numbers nahi log hai, sirf log.”

(Rocket Singh)

People move products, products don’t move people. Network Marketing is a people’s business. It is the very combination of sales and relationships. So focus on building relationships and uplifting the people on your team and your business will automatically take off at a higher stride.

“How’s the josh? High sir!”

(Uri- The Surgical Strike)

Before and after every meeting, you need to ask yourself- How’s the Josh? Some people will say “Yes” but many won’t. Despite good efforts, people will accuse and point fingers at you for everything that goes wrong. Rather than wasting all your energy on that, do your own work and keep going. And everytime you ask yourself that question, your confidence should go higher up.

“Success ke peechhe mat bhaago, excellence ka peechha karo, success jhak maar ke tumhare peechhe aayegi.”

(3 Idiots)

Success comes only when you mould a proper mindset, toolset, skill set, emotional mastery for yourself. Some people only seek perfection and keep going, overlooking all that is actually required. 99% network marketers do not get the desired results despite having set big goals. And when they do, other people blame it all on the industry. The real deal is taking the business seriously like you would, any other and brushing up all your skills, aiming for absolute mastery.

“Jo nahin ho sakta… Wahi toh karna hai!”

(Chak De India)

Most legends are the first in their clans. They are people who have made a difference- who have changed people’s lives remarkably. Be it you or me, we should always strive to stand out of the crowd. Do things even 7 generations couldn’t do. Let the future generations be proud of every little thing you do. Aim to achieve the impossible and don’t give up until you succeed.

“Medals ped pe nahi ugtey. Unhe banana padta hai, pyar se, mehnat se, lagan se”


The founders of your company and your uplines have built it all with the best of their efforts. Now, the turn is yours. Don’t seek any shortcuts. People may come into this business by chance but nobody succeeds by chance. Create a big empire, pouring all your love, hard work and perseverance into it.

“Jeet ek aisi cheez hai jo khud chalkar tumhare paas nahi aayegi, usse ladkar haasil karna padta hai.”


The real battle is in the mind- with your belief system, mindset, routine, habits and attitude. Despite people trying to pull you down with them, keep striving and fighting harder to make the big win happen.

“Asli pehalwan ki pehchaan akhaade mein nahi, zindagi mein hove hai. Taaki jab zindagi tumhe patke toh tum phir khade ho, aur aaisa daanv maro ki zindagi chitt ho jaye.”


Failures happen. No baby learns to walk without falling even once. When you fall, don’t remain fallen. Work ten times harder and get back up stronger than ever.


All I want is for the Network Marketing industry to shine. And it will shine once all you achievers make it big.

Shine and let ‘em shine!


Your success partner,

Deepak Bajaj