Ultimate Network Marketing Mastery

Master everything you need for massive success in Network Marketing /Direct Selling business with One of its kind, most comprehensive and updated online course from #1 Expert and trusted industry leader for 13 years - Deepak Bajaj

  • Be the Fastest & Smartest Achiever in Network Marketing
  • Build an ever-growing team on foundation of system & ethics

Why This Course?

The question is not - why should you take this course. The more important question is why you shouldn’t take this course? We love fast food, fast cars, fast promotions, fast education, fast cash and every thing fast, why not fulfill our dreams fast? When you have decided to build this business why not do it in the fastest and smartest way. Remember it’s not the first mover that wins; now it’s the fastest that wins. Network Marketing business is set to boom and prosper; the question is how big can you achieve from this business.

Before you can succeed in any profession/job, you do these two things –

  1. You study for 5-10 years to master that profession. You get a graduation degree, post graduation and sometimes even more.
  2. You always look for the best college or university for your education.

It’s such a big tragedy that for this amazing life changing profession of network marketing people are not ready to study even for a few days leave aside years. On top of it, people take education from anyone whoever is available. People are willing to spend lakhs of rupees for any degree but when it comes to network marketing they want to save few thousands without realizing that saving a few thousands is actually costing them crores in lost income.

I was able to resign my prestigious corporate job with an MNC within 3 months of starting my Network Marketing business. I reached top income level of my company in 3 months. The reason is a system made of tools, techniques, mindset, emotional mastery and strategies. I have already used those same tools and strategies for 13 years with lakhs of people and have built a business empire that is running even without my active involvement.

Now I want to share those exact strategies and tools with you and totally transform your life and business in 90 days with this unique and best in the class course – Ultimate Network Marketing Mastery. I want you to achieve in 90 days what most people are not able to achieve even after many years. I want you to set up a strong foundation and system that will make you the fastest and smartest achiever. I want to save your years of hard work and lakhs of rupees through this course.

This course has been uniquely designed with daily powerful lessons and result producing exercises to take your network marketing business to new heights in record time. I will be working with you for next 3 months to build the right daily action habits and belief system. I have condensed my entire network marketing experience of working with 8,00,000 plus distributors in a step-by-step system that anyone can easily follow.

My coach Tony Robbins says in the moments of decision, destiny is shaped. You need to take a decision if you want to be a face in the crowd or be a top achiever. You want to be a follower or you want to be a leader. Your massive success is one decision away. You decision to join this course clearly shows that you are ready to change your life now.

You will be proud of yourself for deciding to take this course. This course will prove to the best investment of your life and will give you the highest returns on your investment. Whatever time and money you are investing for this course, you will be able to recover within few weeks with more income and bigger business.

What Will You Learn?

This is not an ordinary training program but an international, research based total personal and business transformation system that will work at the deepest level to totally change you and your business forever.

On completion of this course you will master/experience -

  • How to make a Game plan to multiply your income in record time
  • How great leaders build a stable and ever growing business
  • How top earners retain their teammates and keep them active
  • Remove all hesitations, fears & doubts to become Super confident
  • Total personality make over required to be a top level leader
  • How to build your personal brand such that people come to you instead of you going to people
  • Install millionaire mindset and empowering belief system
  • How to make big income while working part time
  • How to take your business to auto mode for ongoing passive income
  • Your personal Social Media game plan for big success
  • How to Create never ending list of prospects
  • Be a champion of Sales Closing
  • Right invitation system to get maximum people to seminars
  • How to convert strangers to your teammates faster
  • How to develop Right Duplication System for your team
  • Techniques to create more and more leaders in your team
  • Right techniques to show the plan for maximum sales closing
  • Master how to develop right culture and ethics in your team
  • How to get new distributors started in a right way
  • Strategies for business acceleration whenever you need
  • Emotional Mastery & building right attitude for massive success
  • How to tell you story for maximum impact and results
  • New age time management system to get best results
  • Next level of stage performance
  • Get latest and smarter tools and techniques for faster achievements
  • … and much more

Know Your Trainer?

To Be the best, Learn only from the best

Deepak Bajaj is India's leading direct selling expert. His work is showing people the way to change life.

Sh. Som Prakash, Union Minister for Industries & Commerce, Govt. of India

  • Super successful & record breaking network marketing leader for 13 years
  • Already trained and coached 8,00,000 plus people in Direct Selling
  • Deepak is #1 Bestselling author of 2 books that are most followed guidebooks in entire network marketing industry. His books have already been translated in 5 languages.
  • Only author in the world to have 4 books in Top 20 Business Self help books on amazon
  • His Youtube channel is one of the most useful and trusted, free online training academy with millions of views from 100+ countries
  • International Master NLP Practitioner
  • Have got training from world's best trainers and coaches in USA, Europe, Singapore, Bangkok & India
  • Invited on several Direct Selling Industry forums for his expert guidance and advise
  • Featured in various magazines including the cover of a prestigious magazine.
  • Josh talks speaker

Online Course

This online course has been designed with a unique methodology that includes powerful videos, exercises, international course curriculum, tools, techniques and activities to bring fast results and amazing transformation.

This is not an ordinary training program but an International research based total personal and business transformation system that will work at the deepest level to totally change you and your business forever.

3 months intensive course with 60 plus powerful result driven videos covering each and every essential aspect for building a successful business.

Unique NLP based modules to give you powerful transformation and fast results

Best in the class international course workbook

Live Q & A Sessions with Deepak Bajaj thru webinars

Unique research based activities and exercises for emotional mastery, mindset, belief system and total personal transformation

Certificate of completion

Bonus content thru exclusive webinars only for course participants to give latest tools and techniques used by world's top earners

Summary at the end of each video to deepen the learning.

Alerts, Emails & other tools to maintain your momentum

Assignments/tasks to give you deep mastery of the concepts

Best in the industry customer support throughout the course

Flexibility to watch anytime anywhere with our one year unlimited access

We are offering MASSIVE INAUGURAL DISCOUNT for a limited period.

This offer is only for a limited period and can be withdrawn at any time without any intimation.

Regular Course Fee - 1,00,000

Special Limited Period Introductory Offer Price

19990 /- All Inclusive

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are into Direct Selling or Network Marketing, you must get this course immediately. Imagine you buy the latest model of I phone or a sports car and start using it without learning how to use its various features. As you cannot fully enjoy your phone or car without learning how to use it, you will not be able to reach the heights faster in this business without learning how to do it.

If you are serious about your goals and want to be the fastest and smartest achiever, you must join this course right now. Whether you are an old leader or a new distributor or you are thinking of starting your network marketing business, this course will empower you to build a big business faster.

Special offers are only for a limited period and can be withdrawn at any time. So it is always advisable to take a decision fast and avail the benefit.

Definitely yes. All of Deepak’s work is universal in nature – books, YouTube video trainings, e books, workshop etc. Deepak has never promoted or even mentioned about any product or company anywhere earlier also and the same goes for this course as well.

This course has been designed to give excellent results with any product, company or income plan.

We don’t know about other courses and other trainers but Deepak is an international NLP Master practitioner and has got training from world’s best trainers and coaches. This fast result producing science of NLP combined with Deepak’s successful experience of working with 8 lakh network marketers have been used to create this unique course. The course contents and methodology has been especially designed with latest international techniques that deliver wonderful results while doing this course online.

This course has lot of exercise and activities that are designed for producing best results online.

Yes. This program is excellent for you. In fact you are lucky that you got to know about this program at this stage. It will save your many years. With this course you can build a right foundation for your business from the beginning.

You will start getting the result as soon as you start doing activities recommended in this course. Many people have got new results within first week itself.

As many times as you want. You have unlimited access to the videos for the duration for which you have the access.

It’s an excellent idea to join this wonderful course with your team. There are so many teams that are doing it already. In Network marketing business, massive success comes to those who build powerful teams. When you do this course with your key teammates you can expect record-breaking performance in very less time.

Definitely yes. There is no match to what is given in YouTube. It’s a deep immersive program that works at different levels of your conscious and subconscious mind to bring total personal and business transformation. You will be a different person when you complete this course.

If you are happy with your current income, business growth, stability and what your future looks like, then please carry on. But if you feel you need bigger achievements faster for you and your teammates, then you must join.

If your concern is money that you will be paying as course fee, then it’s very simple. All smart people look at Return on Investment for every investment they make. Whatever amount of money you are investing for this course, if you feel you can recover the same in the form of extra income in next few months, then it’s a great deal. Go for it right now.