How to Stop Being Lazy- 7 Practical Tips

“Success is not for the easy and it is certainly not for the lazy.”

Most people have a lot of potential within but are unable to put it into action and strive for #success. They have goals and dreams but lack the will to make the efforts for making them come true. They are stuck being lazy.

But did you know that laziness is a habit and that you can break it with the right will? Scroll through today’s blog post to know about my favorite laziness-crushing techniques.


Honestly ask yourself the following 2 questions:

  • If I continue to stay the same, what will my life look like in the next 3 years?
  • If I don’t change now, will it affect those around me?

Don’t beat yourself up about it but paint an honest picture of the worst case scenario in your mind. Once you have answered both, take on the next two:

  • If I decide to make a change today, what will my life look like within a year?
  • If I take the leap, will it improve the life of those around me?

This process of introspecting the positive and negative consequences will ignite a sense of urgency in you and get you going.


A lot of trainers suggest dreaming big and that there is no success for the ones who have small dreams. It’s true but if the dreams are unrealistic and something that fails your beliefs, they will tire you out and make you lazy. For instance, you decide to make a run under hot weather for 10 miles, overlooking the fact that it is beyond the capacity of a professional runner. It’s a sure way to end up procrastinating the initiation. Wouldn’t it have been much easier if you were to set a goal of making a 2-mile run? Take a moment to analyze your strengths & weaknesses to ensure productivity. Don’t overload yourself because the game is not only to set big goals and wish for them to come true but to set small realistic attainable goals and keep achieving them one after the other.


There are times when you get overwhelmed with all the tasks you have at hand during the day. Right when starting the day, sit down and prioritize them. Mark the 3 most important ones and get on with it. Slowly striking them off your list will give you the momentum you need.


The feeling of accomplishment is a great motivator. Begin with the easiest tasks first so that you feel motivated throughout the day. Finishing a few quickly will light up the doer spirit in you. So take it one step at a time and accumulate small wins.


While doing a certain task, you may start drifting into a lazy mode, not because of a conscious decision but because of an unconscious habit. At times, you may find yourself idly scrolling through your Instagram feed, gradually losing your focus on the task currently engaged on. So every time you feel like you’re drifting away, set yourself an awareness alarm. Every time it goes off, introspect and get back to where you started.


Gamification refers to adding game mechanics and principles into non-gaming environments. If you have been setting aside a task because of its tediousness, turn it into a game and make it exciting. Set small and unique challenges for yourself while handling the tasks that have your least interest.


Mindfulness is an antidote to laziness. It is the purpose of purposefully focusing all your attention at the present moment, without judgement. Being in a mindful state allows you to identify your tendency to procrastinate, thus helping you make good conscious decisions.

Lazy people destroy what they already have and what they are given. So get all fired up and take action right now because action is the key to massive success.

Your success partner,

Deepak Bajaj