How to Improve your Listening Skills?

Though you are trying hard, yet something seems missing? It’s time to work on your listening skills. Let’s revamp our basics.

To have listening ability is a gift of nature and good listening skills is an art that we all develop over the years. With constant learning, improvement and practice, you can turn into a good listener. But how good we are at it can only be determined with the milestones of success that we have achieved till now; such as expansion of the network, personal sponsoring, sales conversion, prospecting, etc.

For exponential success in all aspects of life, practice the best methods to improve your listening skill. Here’s sharing 5 Easy-to-implement ideas to be a good listener:

1. Be an active listener

Devote yourself to listen to the other person with all your 5 senses. Respond actively to their communication through small gestures, eyes-contact, etc. Your sincerity will ensure the speaker that his/her message has been conveyed in the best possible way, which is a sign of a healthy communication. If you are not able to register your participation level, the communication remains incomplete.

2. Register your feedback

If you agree with the point, you must express it. Constantly, give them required attention through your gestures and ensure that you are following their train of thoughts. Being a good listener, it’s important that you acknowledge every point you understand and agree with. Leave small gestures to give the speaker a feeling of acceptance, and relevance to improve your listening skills. If the message is not being received in the same context, the whole purpose of it is defeated.

3. Avoid being quick to conclude 

Be patient and calm enough to listen with an open mind. Don’t listen to shoot a reply immediately, rather listen to understand their opinion. Take a few seconds pause and leave a meaningful response that would be considered professional, and impactful.

Bonus tip: Never give away your opinion too early, no matter how right you are but the timing should also be right. 

4. Don’t jump to judgements

Stop building opinions while they are talking, let them talk and take time to sink in the thought. Before forming any false or incomplete judgement about them, give yourself sometime to think about it and react when its necessary. Once you know it all in detail, analyze everything. After that, say it out calmly and clearly. Your points may be brief but they must have a sense of conviction. Convey your view with confidence and do it only when they are done talking.

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5. Mirroring technique

Your body posture, your voice tonality, your eye-contact, everything reflects how actively involved you are in that conversation. If you want to build a stronger connection with the speaker, do not exactly try to imitate them but genuinely be attentive to match their level of interest. The body language will be equally involved and almost become similar. This is a deep theory of communication that needs a certain level of expertise in one to one communication.

Building good relations, growing business are a few perks of a good listener. If you want to make a difference in everything you have achieved till now, these ideas will be really worth-trying for.

Become the brightest among the bright ones!

Listen. Improve. Achieve.

Your Success Partner,

Deepak Bajaj