How to develop the habit of self-discipline?

To have the knowledge is one thing and to implement it is a new dimension altogether. Here are the powerful keys to unlock the habit of self-discipline in your life.

Knowing the importance and power of self-discipline is not all that matters, implementing the same raises the bar of your performance, and cheers you up for the daily life challenges. The challenge is to find the most effective and fastest method to inculcate this habit in practical life.

After all the hassle, experimentation and precision have made a list of effective formulas that can instill the instinct of self-discipline in your life.

Here are the most practiced, proven and powerful formulas that have helped in developing self-discipline and transformed many lives:

1. Prioritize your timeline

Determine your goals, set the deadlines, work hard to achieve them in the given time frame. Promise yourself to finish the task in time, reward yourself if you do so. In case you fail to deliver and complete the task in time, decide a punishment as well.

The game is about maintaining a schedule that never fails to achieve the set targets.

2. The “www” formula 

What? When? Where? Is the rule you need to move forward with. Before you decide to take up a new plan, You need to fix these 3Ws first in order to get it in the right direction. You should focus on the habits and define the specifics to slip into the pattern of self-discipline. Remind yourself about the actions and the body will follow. For instance, if you want to wake up early in the morning and go jogging, then this rule is for the actions you will be taking.

3. First-half is the best time 

You cannot do it all at once, we all are human. So, prioritise your tasks for the day and schedule the most important tasks in a way that they can be completed in the first-half of the day. This helps you keep a check on what’s more important and you are able to take control over your schedule.

4. Follow PoMoDoRo technique

This is a technique to maintain a balance between work and break. To make your working hours more productive, you can work with constant focus for 25 mins at a stretch and take 5 mins break. With this method after 4 cycles, you will be able to achieve 8 hours productivity in just 2 hours.

5. Boring is no more boring

Develop a habit to do what is necessary at the moment, even if you don’t like or enjoy doing it. But things need to be done on time and that’s how you can achieve results. Nothing is free, there’s always a price you need to pay. So get used to what you find boring. If you want to remain at the top, you need to indulge your mind and body as per the clock of self-discipline.

#Selfdiscipline is about sticking to the plan so keep up your spirit. A winner is the one who is persistent with each step and ready to unlock the door of success.

Don’t doubt these methods; they never fail if we do justice to their potential.

Your Success Partner,

Deepak Bajaj