How to Deal with Negativity About Network Marketing?

This business doesn’t work!

People don’t want to get involved in these kind of businesses!

Isn’t this a pyramid scheme?

You must have heard some prospects and new associates expressing their confusion from time to time.

Well today, I’m here to share some of my secret tricks of how to deal with such negativity and trust me when I say this, you will soon come back asking for the whole bag!

Here’s my promise to you- If you implement them well, recruiting such people in your team will become 10 times easier!



Negative comments are expected. When you touch a hot utensil and it burns your fingers, you know that it isn’t a problem but the nature of the heat. In the same way, people passing on negative comments is not a problem but their nature. So don’t worry about it; Expect it. You also need to master the basics before you launch yourself into anything. You will either guide them through what’s right or be guided by what they say.



When your #prospect says something negative about the business, ask him if he’s had any experience in Network Marketing and let him spill. Most people are pessimistic about the concept due to one of the following reasons:

  • Your prospect must not have done the #business properly
  • No strong support or vision from his upline
  • Not getting associated with the right company

Once he lets it all out, he will have realized that it was either his/ his upline’s or the company’s fault but not #NetworkMarketing itself. And the sale automatically gets closed.



Everyone you talk to will not say yes. As a customer, do you buy every car you test drive? Every dress that you try on? To buy one thing, we try ten others. As a seller, why get upset over one rejection then? Believe that you’re getting closer and closer with each new prospect. When people say no, they want to defend themselves. And they don’t like blaming themselves for the situation and hence, they try to put it on your business or the industry.

Every time you find yourself in doubt, because they said No, implement these three strategies and you’ll be back on track in no time.

Never accept rejection at its face value; counter it, ALWAYS!

Never Let Yesterday’s Failure Stop you From Witnessing Tomorrow’s Victory!

If you really want the whole bag of tricks, you can click on this link too!

Your success partner,

Deepak Bajaj