How to be successful in Network Marketing?

Factors that can make you successful in network marketing are many, but the one that you must engrave in your mind is explained with a real-life story in this article. Let’s find out.


In the year 1914, an established scientist, researcher and a business owner of 67 years age, had a huge set-up of factories, and laboratories. On 10th December, a tragic incident took place.

A huge fire erupted in the factory, in a few seconds 30 years of hard work, research papers, documents, equipment, patents everything burnt into ashes.

At the age of 67, the scientist witnessed the biggest set back of his life. All that he worked for was burnt down and he couldn’t retrieve an inch of it. The estimated value of the loss and research work in today’s time would be around 170 crore.


In such a condition, how would one be able to get over from the most devastating moment of his life. Now, this is the testing moment for everyone to check their attitude towards problems.


This brave man asked his staff member Charles to call his wife and along with her friends, they should not miss the biggest fire eruption of their life.

This is how a man with an unshakeable attitude deals with the worst-case scenario.

The best part was that the next morning after 24 hours from the incident, the man was standing in front of the withered structure of the burnt factory.

A group of journalists from the press were gathered around and asked him questions and he declared that he has already started to rebuild the whole structure again.

One of them asked him, wasn’t it shattering for you? And the reply to this question would trigger goose bumps on your arms.

He replied, “All the mistakes of my life have burnt down to ashes with this fire, now I will start afresh.”

After the loss of 170 crore, intellectual property, patents and so much more; this man has the guts to say these life-changing words to the whole world. And after 4 years from that incident this man made a profit of 75000 crore.

This story is the biggest inspiration and learning for any businessman. The secret to success lies in the attitude while facing the problem.

Don’t give up on small rejections, don’t pity yourself for minor setbacks. Don’t make it matter of life and death.

To bounce back is equally important as much as beginning the task is. The capacity to restart without any complaint, defines your success.

Bonus Tip: Whenever you start afresh, it’s not a start from zero, but a start from experience.

Your Success Partner,

Deepak Bajaj