How to be a Successful Part-time Network Marketer within 12 months?

Even if you have a job/profession, you can successfully manage network marketing business simultaneously. All you need to follow is the right set of system. Let’s get into the details.

Building a business from scratch is a tough ride to start with, but if you are planning to start a part-time #networkmarketing business along with your job, you can make this happen if you are ready to give your time, efforts and know the right plan of action.

With utmost willingness, confidence and planning to start this part-time business plan in network marketing, you can make this part-time business work. To help you succeed, sharing my most powerful tools of success in network marketing that helped me establish my business in 90 days.

Here are the 4 proven strategies to build your business in 12 months:

1. Your vision matters

Expecting great results is justified only if your vision and planning is big enough. Most people underestimate the effectiveness of this business, due to no investment cost, but that’s the biggest mistake to make while understanding this business.
It can definitely give you exponential results if you put efforts in the right direction. Don’t consider the amount of investment you have put in, focus on the scope of growth that this business can offer you. Never treat this business as a time-pass or lottery scheme, opt for it as a serious business plan and you will get exactly what you want.

2. Talk about your plan

To make a part-time business successful, after doing your 8-10 hours job, you need to devote at least 4-5 hours time to build this business. For this, you need to work with undivided focus. Share your plans with your family and make them understand about your business plan and how you see yourself in this business. Let them know how you would be doing your time management for these 12 months. You might have to postpone some of your personal plans as well.

3. Plan in advance 

You need to plan at least 1 month ahead about how you are going to steal the time out from the extra time of the weekdays and weekends. You need to think about what’s the best way to achieve your target of a month. Maybe for these 12 months, your family time will turn into your business time, your fun time into business time.
While taking the time out for this part-time business, you need to take up the right tasks enthusiastically, such as list expansion, prospecting, plan presentation, follow-up, training, program invitations as so on. So, you bluntly need to turn off all the distractions that might come in your way.

4. Task filtration

Don’t waste your time on simply being busy, pick the right tasks carefully. Follow the 80-20 Rule, also known as Pareto Principle. According to this, 80 percent of the results will come from 20 percent of activities. Hence, devote most of your time on those 20 percent tasks only then you can expect phenomenal results in 12 months. When you have such less time, you need to be very cautious while adding a task in your list.
By sustaining focus, attitude and implementing these methods, you can successfully build your part-time #networkmarketing business in 12 months. Each step matters, each task counts. With your continuous, active daily actions; you can build affirmative possibilities to establish your business. Be consistent in your actions and belief, the results will follow.

Your Success Partner,

Deepak Bajaj