Get Rid of Stress and Anxiety

Being stressful is not the problem but being unable to manage your stress is. Let’s focus on things you must do to reduce stress in 5 minutes.

Challenges and stress is a price you will have to pay if you want to lead a successful life. If you are not capable of handling stress, you will not be able to manage success. In any business or profession, when you face challenges, stress is a by-product that you need to manage well, only then you qualify for success.

No stress simply means no success. So, if you are looking for remarkable success in life, you need to ask yourself a few questions to let your peace and happiness remain untouched.

Here’s a 5-minute proven formula to remove stress from your life:

1. What’s going right in your life?

Don’t be surprised, yes, it’s not easy to divert your mind from the problem in that moment but this the trick to dodge your thought process for a second. The moment you think about something good happening in your life, you are definitely not thinking about the bad part. Let’s not remain blind to see what’s good. And once you know the good things about your life, you have to a chance of winning over your stress.

2. What could be the worst scenario?

To think about the worst thing possible gives you the courage to get a hold of your current situation. Sometimes things don’t work as we wished for only to realize later that whatever happened was for good. On 9/11, there were many people who could not reach in time for the meetings or work but today they are glad they couldn’t make it that day. So, sometimes its better if it doesn’t happen as per your will.

For 2 minutes, push yourself to think and imagine the worst case scenario and you will notice what just happened is not that bad to handle. This exercise would give you a sense of relief to come out your stress.

3. What should you do now?

So, what next? Think about the conditions that you are in control of, what best can you do to minimize your problem in real time. Think about the action that is 100% in your command. Once you sort it out in your mind, you are already out of stress. And now what is left is the actual action you need to take.

If you have asked yourself all the above questions in those stressful moments, you will be ready with your immediate to-do-list of actions to reach new pinnacle of success leaving stress far behind.

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It’s the best exercise that I have been following to come out of stress for a long time now. If you find this formula equally effective you must share it with people around you.

Let’s change our perspective and look at the good things in life to conquer stress. We can make this world a better place if we make ourselves better each day.

Your Success Partner,

Deepak Bajaj