Unleash The Champion In You

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Each one of us has got seeds of greatness inside us. Every one of us has huge potential lying within us. We already have within us everything that is required for massive success. Ignite your passion and uncover the champion inside you with Deepak Bajaj’s most powerful total personal transformation workshop.

Unleash The Champion In You

All of us had unlimited dreams while growing up. We accepted no limits and we believed in our power to achieve everything in life. But as we grew older, we started accepting what we got rather than fight for what we wanted. Tragic but true that some events or some people convinced us that we can’t rise beyond our circumstances and people who are super successful has something that we don’t have. This is a pure lie but somehow we believed in this lie and quit our dreams.

The fact of the matter is that Success is also a subject like Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics. Success also has certain proven laws and principles. But tragedy is that these laws are not being taught in any college or university. Those who know these principles of massive success are achieving success after success and rest of the people continue to struggle for survival in spite of working hard for so many years. Most of the people who are not able to achieve success in life are missing in any one or more of these 7 key factors for massive success as given in the matrix below

Empowering Belief System + Goal Setting System + Success Principles + Power Rituals & Habits + Monitoring & Progress System + Life Excellence Toolkit + Emotional Thermostat

Unleash the Champion in You is a unique one day workshop wherein Deepak will work with you through sessions, games, activities and uniquely designed processes on all these 7 key factors of success. It’s going to be fun-filled, energy packed workshop that will bring out the champion in you. Deepak is committed to start your transformation right there in the workshop itself. Get ready. Life will never be the same again after this workshop.

To Be The Best, Learn Only From The Best

# 1 Bestselling Author, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Social Media Influencer & High Performance Coach

  • MBA from a Top 20 institution
  • Trained and coached more than 8,00,000 people in past 17 years
  • #1 Bestselling author of 2 books. His books have already been translated in 6 languages.
  • Best Debut Author 2018
  • Only author in the world to have 4 books in Top 20 Business Self help books on Amazon.
  • His YouTube channel – Deepak Bajaj gets millions of views from 100+ countries
  • International Master NLP Practitioner
  • Have got training from world’s best trainers and coaches in USA, Europe, Singapore, Bangkok & India
  • Featured in various prestigious magazines including the cover of a magazine.
  • Josh Talks Speaker

What You'll Learn?

  • Massive success in your chosen field
  • Lasting happiness and fulfillment
  • Greater charisma and influence
  • Peak performance and better results
  • Installing new “ I can do everything” belief system
  • Multiply your income and accelerate in your career
  • Greater work life balance
  • Speedy achievement of goals in all areas
  • Ability and agility to control your emotions
  • Greater prioritization and time management ability
  • Set your goals and action plans right during the workshop
  • Kill old limiting beliefs and install new empowering belief system
  • Always stay motivated and excited
  • Total personality makeover
  • Make super productive day schedule for long lasting success
  • Throw away old habits that didn’t serve you
  • Master new habit developing system to easily build new habits
  • Develop your own greatness compass
  • Remove all fears, doubts and hesitations & work with a millionaire mindset

What You'll Get?

What will you get in this Workshop?

It’s a uniquely designed workshop where Deepak will work with you on all 7 key factors for massive success. Not only you will learn things but also make action plans, strategies, practice tools for breaking emotional barriers, do practice sessions and participate in activities that will unleash the champion on you.

This workshop is based on latest international techniques on peak performance and instant change that Deepak has learnt from world’s best trainers in USA, Europe and Singapore. Get ready. Your life will never be the same again after this workshop.

You must come once to see what real transformative training is all about. You will get all this in UNLEASH THE CHAMPTION IN YOU workshop

Processes to change your beliefs, habits and rituals

New age Goal Setting & Goal Accomplishment system

Tools that give instant results

Latest International Knowledge

New Time & priority management system for peak performance

Strategies & Secrets of successful people

Emotional Mastery Systems

Techniques to change any belief anytime

Tasks to reset your Mindset & Attitude

Personal Greatness System

Activities & Exercises for accelerated learning

Team games for instant results

Before & After Workshop video trainings

International course workbook

Everything you need for big success in life will be covered in this workshop. A must attend event for everyone. You can come with your family, friends and teams for even greater results.

Check Out Our Venue

Dates: 24th May 2020
Venue: Delhi NCR ( Exact venue will be announced later)
Timing: 9 am to 5 pm

  • Please reach by 8.00 am on 1st day for the Registration
  • Deepak is committed to deliver the maximum value, so timings may stretch on some days.

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These are going to be one of the most amazing days of your life where you will be totally immersed with Deepak and other participants in sessions, activities and processes that will totally blow your mind away. It is not a regular training but world’s most powerful total life and business transformation system.

You are getting all this in one ticket price:

  • Workshop full of sessions, activities and processes
  • + International course book
  • + Pre-Bootcamp Foundational Training
  • + Post-Bootcamp Implementation Training
  • + Post-Bootcamp Installation Training
  • + Tools & Techniques that you can use whole life
  • + Certificate of Completion
  • TOTAL VALUE OF Rs. 1,00,000 plus

All Workshop Sessions & Activities
Post-Workshop Installation Training
Certificate of Completion
Separate Express Registration Desk
Seating in the Front Section
Evening Q & A Sessions with Deepak Bajaj
₹ 1,990₹ 2,990₹ 4,990

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Frequently Asked Questions

This workshop is highly recommended for each and everyone. The skills, mindset and techniques that you will master in this workshop are essential for success in every field in life. Network Marketers, real estates agents, insurance advisors, employees, students, entrepreneurs, professionals, retired people and housewives all will greatly benefit from this workshop. For most of our participants this is an experience of a lifetime. Deepak always says that life will never be the same again after this workshop.

Special offers are only for a limited period and can be withdrawn at any time. So it is always advisable to take a decision fast and avail the benefit.

If you are happy with your current income, career, leadership level, social influence, business growth, quality of life and what your future looks like, then please carry on. But if you feel you deserve much bigger and faster achievements and a much better quality of life, then you must come for this event. If your concern is money that you will be paying as event fee, then it’s very simple. All smart people look at Return on Investment for every investment they make. Whatever amount of money you are investing for this event, if you feel you can recover the same in the form of extra income in next few months, then it’s a great deal. Go for it right now.

You can send someone else in your place. Absolutely no problem. Just inform our team well in advance and we will make necessary changes. Since all bookings and arrangements are always done in advance, cancellation is not possible at any point of time. If you are not able to find a substitute, inform us 4 weeks before the event and we will adjust your amount in any other event happening within next 6 months.