Network Marketing Millionaires Bootcamp

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Become an absolute master of Network Marketing/Direct Selling business and fulfill your dreams in record time with this unique 3 days total personal transformation workshop with # 1 Expert and living legend of Network Marketing Industry.

Deepak Bajaj’s Network Marketing Millionaires Bootcamp

10x Your Income – Transform your Success Blueprint - Upgrade your Skills & Strategies

People across the globe in so many different companies are following Deepak Bajaj’s principles and techniques to build their business with his #1 Bestselling book – Be a Network Marketing Millionaire. Now you have a golden chance to learn directly from the master himself and speed up your business. These 3 days investment of your time and money will give you highest return on investment and will save you many years of hard work.

To Be The Best, Learn Only From The Best

  • Super successful & record breaking network marketing leader for 13 years
  • Already trained and coached 8,00,000 plus people in Direct Selling
  • Deepak is #1 Bestselling author of 2 books that are most followed guidebooks in entire network marketing industry. His books have already been translated in 5 languages.
  • Only author in the world to have 4 books in Top 20 Business Self help books on amazon
  • His YouTube channel is one of the most useful and trusted, free online training academy with millions of views from 100+ countries
  • International Master NLP Practitioner
  • Have got training from world’s best trainers and coaches in USA, Europe, Singapore, Bangkok & India
  • Invited on several Direct Selling Industry forums for his expert guidance and advise
  • Featured in various magazines including the cover of a prestigious magazine.
  • Josh Talks speaker

What Will You Learn?

  • Game changing plan to multiply your income in record time
  • How to retain your teammates
  • Be a champion of Sales Closing
  • Build your brand such that people come to you instead of you going to people
  • Your personal Social Media game plan for big success
  • Total change mindset and belief system
  • New age Goal Setting & Goal Accomplishment system
  • How to get maximum people to seminars
  • How to put business in auto mode
  • How to convert strangers to your teammates
  • Total personality make over to be a top level leader
  • System to stay Happy & Motivated all the time
  • Become Super confident in approaching people and showing plans
  • Create never ending list of prospects
  • New age time management techniques to get best results
  • Next level of stage performance
  • Techniques to create more and more leaders in your team
  • Remove all fears, doubts and hesitations to work with a millionaire mindset
  • How to make Right Duplication System for your team

What will you get in this Boot camp?

This is not just any other training – It’s a total life transformation experience that will bring instant changes and lasting transformation to uplift your life and business forever

Boot camp is a totally different experience that most of people have never seen in their lives. It’s the highest level of experiential learning. Not only you will learn things but also make action plans, strategies, practice tools for breaking emotional barriers, do practice sessions, participate in activities that will unleash the champion on you. Your life will never be the same again after this boot camp. You will do lot of games, activities and exercises that will empower you to feel, act, think, strategize and work like a top Network Marketing leader.

Success needs much more than knowledge and skills and this is the only boot camp in entire network marketing industry that prepares you for groundbreaking success. Network Marketing Millionaire Bootcamp is based on latest international techniques on peak performance that Deepak has learnt from world’s best trainers in USA, Europe and Singapore.

You must come once to see what real transformative training is all about. You will get all this in the Network Marketing Millionaire Bootcamp

Latest International Knowledge

Tools that give instant results

Strategies & Secrets of Top 1% income earners

Emotional Mastery Systems

Techniques for super productivity

Tasks to reset your Mindset & Attitude

Personal Greatness System

Activities & Exercises for accelerated learning

Team games for instant results

Demos and Practice Sessions

Before & After Workshop video trainings

International course workbook

Everything you need for big success in Network Marketing will be covered in this bootcamp and it will give amazing results for every company, product or income plan. A must attend event with your full team.

Regular training will give you regular income but special training will give you great income. This is a one of its kind event in the world that can 10x your income. It happens only twice a year and will give you best return on your investment.

Be ready. Life will never be the same again after this Boot Camp.

Check Out Our Venue

Dates: 14th -15th – 16th July 2020
Venue: Delhi NCR ( Exact venue will be announced later)
Timing: 9 am to 5 pm

  • Please reach by 8.00 am on 1st day for the Registration
  • Deepak is committed to deliver the maximum value, so timings may stretch on some days.

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These are going to be 3 most powerful days of your life where you will be totally immersed with Deepak and other participants in sessions, activities and processes that will totally blow your mind away. It is not a regular training but world’s most powerful total life and business transformation course in Network Marketing.

You are getting all this in one ticket price:

  • 3 Days of bootcamp full of sessions, activities and processes
  • + International course book
  • + Pre-Bootcamp Foundational Training
  • + Post-Bootcamp Implementation Training
  • + Post-Bootcamp Installation Training
  • + Tools & Techniques that you can use whole life
  • + Certificate of Completion
  • TOTAL VALUE OF Rs. 2,00,000 plus

3 Days Bootcamp – All Sessions & Activities
Post-Bootcamp Installation Training
Certificate of Completion
Separate Express Registration Desk
Seating in the Front Section
Evening Q & A Sessions with Deepak Bajaj
₹ 14,990₹ 16,990₹ 20,990

Book Online or call @ 9990555038 / 8368248949

Deepak Bajaj Is Loved By Users Worldwide

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are into Direct Selling or Network Marketing, you must get this course immediately. Imagine you buy the latest model of I phone or a sports car and start using it without learning how to use its various features. As you cannot fully enjoy your phone or car without learning how to use it, you will not be able to reach the heights faster in this business without learning how to do it.

If you are serious about your goals and want to be the fastest and smartest achiever, you must join this course right now. Whether you are an old leader or a new distributor or you are thinking of starting your network marketing business, this course will empower you to build a big business faster.

Special offers are only for a limited period and can be withdrawn at any time. So it is always advisable to take a decision fast and avail the benefit.

Definitely yes. All of Deepak’s work is universal in nature – books, YouTube video trainings, e books, online course, etc. Deepak has never promoted or even mentioned about any product or company anywhere earlier also and the same goes for this course as well.

This event has been designed to give excellent results with any product, company or income plan.

Yes. This event is excellent for you. In fact you are lucky that you got to know about this event at this stage. It will save your many years. With this event you can build a right foundation for your business from the beginning.

If you are happy with your current income, business growth, stability and what your future looks like, then please carry on. But if you feel you need bigger achievements faster for you and your teammates, then you must come for this event.

If your concern is money that you will be paying as event fee, then it’s very simple. All smart people look at Return on Investment for every investment they make. Whatever amount of money you are investing for this event, if you feel you can recover the same in the form of extra income in next few months, then it’s a great deal. Go for it right now.

Yes. Why not? Lots of our online course students come for this event. Every event and course is a different experience. Learning live along with hundreds of other participants will be a completely different experience. In fact our online course students get some special offers and benefits when they buy live event tickets. Just check with our customer care for best offers for you.

This is one of its kind event on earth. Deepak Bajaj has designed this bootcamp after learning from masters around the world and after extensive experience of working with more than 8,00,000 network marketers for 13 years. This is designed for next level of performance and results in your life and business. It’s not just training sessions but you will work with Deepak and other participants through many research-based games, activities, meditation, processes, live demos and much more to create a new you.

Also you already know what results you have got after attending other training programs. It’s not about LDP/RTP or any training program, it’s all about results and transformation. This boot camp is famous for instant change and lasting transformation. Life will never be the same again after this boot camp.

Network Marketing Millionaires Bootcamp is conducted in an absolutely safe environment without mentioning any company or products name. So you can attend it with your full team without any worries. We have zero tolerance policy and anyone found giving plans or recruiting other attendees is immediately expelled from the program.

Our goal is simply to uplift the profession of network marketing and genuinely empower the network marketers around the globe. We want to positively impact the world by producing better leaders. Join us in this mission with your team and we will create a better world together. The world needs your brilliance.

You can send someone else in your place. Absolutely no problem. Just inform our team well in advance and we will make necessary changes. Since all bookings and arrangements are always done in advance, cancellation is not possible at any point of time. If you are not able to find a substitute, inform us 4 weeks before the event and we will adjust your amount in any other event happening within next 6 months.