Chess Strategy in MLM for Fast & Massive Success

Have you ever played chess?


There are 6 pieces that play 6 different roles in the game, combining all of their strengths together to make a team win.

The chess strategy in Network Marketing is one where you apply all the 6 unique chess moves to your business operations. Scroll through today’s blog post to understand how!

प्यादा (Pawn)

Pawns always move forward, going one square at a time. The most unique thing about it is the fact that it never moves backwards. As a Network Marketer, when it comes to showing the plans, you should play the role of a pawn and keep showing plans one after another, never looking back. Your destiny is not determined by what you do but by what you do consistently.

हाथी (Rook)

Rooks can move any number of squares in straight lines and yet, being very systematic in nature, they go either horizontally or vertically. Applying the Rook theory to sales closing, you too should offer your prospect with only 2 options, both of which should result in your favor. For instance, asking if your prospect would like their hands on the products right away or prefer going to the main office to have a look around. You need to learn the art of asking the right questions to close more sales.

ऊँट (Bishop)

Bishops move across diagonal squares, with zero restriction on the number of squares. Its role is incomparable because it does things differently and can move like no other piece in the game. Albert Einstein once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.” As a thriving Network Marketer, you should also keep learning new techniques along the way and take incomparable things.

राजा (King)

The King, being the main player in a game of chess moves attentively one step at a time, making sure that it isn’t attacked by the opponent. When you launch yourself out there, begin the process with baby steps but give your best at every step and you will be unstoppable. You can take this business up by chance but you cannot become a top earner by chance. Get more and more people to events and get started. But remember to take it one step at a time.

रानी (Queen)

Be it horizontally, vertically or diagonally, the open-minded queen can move any way she wants to, considering all available options. There is no limit on the number of squares she can move. In this business, you also need to play that role and keep expanding your base by constantly adding new names to your prospect list without pre-judging them.

घोड़ा (Knight)

Knights move squares in the shape of the letter ‘L’, the first two squares in straight lines and taking a left or a right turn. That being its nature, it is known for devising unimaginable plans. Many times, while managing your team and creating leaders in it, you need to act like a Knight. You will need to counsel every teammate differently, motivating each one differently.


The industry and the people in it, all of them are changing by every passing minute. Driven as you are, you need to evolve with the changing times too. Learn and adapt new techniques to build a big business.

Because you, my friend, have it in you to break newer records everyday!

Your success partner,

Deepak Bajaj