6 Simple Steps to Form a New Habit

Actions taken and decisions made in the past place you where you are now. Your current actions and decisions will determine the future that lies ahead of you. If you want to change your future, you will need to start changing your decisions in the present. Your habits are what plays the most crucial role in these actions and decisions.



First, you make the habit and then, the habits will make you. A lot of you must have tried breaking old habits and routing new ones in for some reason or the other. Let us take a quick scroll through the six proven international research-based techniques to adopt new habits faster.

Make New Habits Easy to do

Ease up the new habit to the extent that it becomes effortlessly achievable and something which makes the fact that you were pulling yourself away from it, sound humorous. For instance, if you want to make a habit of working out on a regular basis, do not plan an intense workout session at the gym beforehand but rather, just go to the gym. If you’re not that avid a reader and you want to develop a habit of reading, do not focus on reading through an entire book in a week. Do not strategize. Instead, pick it up and just read through a page or two. It’s effectiveness? Well, the key itself is to show up consistently, every single time without fail. Research shows that once you take a foot forward, you are halfway there.

Set up your Environment that Supports your Habit

Design your space in a way that your new habit becomes easy and normal to work on. Whatever work you wish to begin, make sure to surround yourself with its triggers. If you wish to form a habit of working out, place your shoes exactly where you glance getting out of bed every morning, making it easier for you to grab them. You’ll develop a habit of reading books quicker if you keep them at places you often find yourself at. The process of giving up junk food becomes easier when you get rid of every tiny bit from your kitchen. Once the triggers of the new habits are easily visible and accessible to you, doing a new habit becomes natural and the best choice to do.

Change your Association

Join a group of people where your desired new habit is normal behavior. If you want to become a vegetarian, your chances of staying one will be more if you surround yourself with people who have been at it for years. The new environment portrays the desired habit as a culture and thus, forces you to quickly adhere to group norms.Letting yourself be in that space imbibes an internal pressure for it to become your new normal, also bringing along promising compatibility.

Measure Progress over Perfection

Don’t be too hard on yourself and expect perfection overnight; forming new habits requires time and patience. Track progress, create evidence of new change and accumulate little wins. And with those bits of progress and improvement, believe and celebrate the fact that things are changing for the better in the new direction.

Pick the Right Habit and Progress Comes Easy

If you pick the right habits to adopt, it’s easier to develop them as you have a natural inclination towards them. Don’t pick up habits by merely judging their popularity. Waking up at 5 am in the morning is not something one should try to adopt, just because it’s a popular habit. If you’re not a morning person, pick a time best suited to your efficiency. Choose the habits that are right for you and that would make the process more enjoyable for you to achieve. The struggle would become a fraction of the real deal only if you enjoy doing it.

Fall in Love with Boredom

In my 13 years of experience in Network Marketing, I’ve observed a lot of people hopping from one company to another in search of the right formula, looking for new and exciting things to do. If you ever find yourself having second thoughts because of the habit getting too mundane for you, remind yourself that consistency and boredom go hand in hand. The tried and tested way is to keep covering the basics until they become automatic.

These six strategies can now ease up your game and bring in all the significant lifestyle changes. Like I say during my online course, implementation and transformation are important than just remembering information, so get into the spirit of “I can do it!”, right away. Take up an action plan right at this moment. Start with deciding on a #newhabit to nurture. Remember, consistent baby steps and the installation of your new habit gets easier by the day!

Your success partner,

Deepak Bajaj