5 Powerful Ways to Invite Prospects for your Network Marketing Opportunity


A key aspect every thriving Network Marketer must work on to make their way to the top. Be it inviting people for your online or offline meetings, webinars, programs or for industry events, effective invitation is considered as a high #income skill. The top 1% income earners in the #NetworkMarketing industry are all highly skilled at it.

Network Marketing is not about invitation alone just prospecting or selling. It’s a process. From list expansion to closing the #sale and getting your prospects activated, it is a complete process. You can master this process by having a quick look at how I do it. Here are my 5 best ideas for inviting people to online and offline meetings:

Keep it Short

Keep the invitation short, simple & precise. When you meet people you may not have stayed in touch with for long, you often tend to talk longer. However, if that person is a potential prospect, you might want to extend the invitation towards the very end of the conversation, preferably a brief closing in 2-3 mins. Keep in mind that the business opportunity being such a vast subject, cannot be explained in brief. You need to be in the right mental state at the right time and do it the right way. So don’t rush to cover everything. Just invite, do not go out explaining the business plan and sharing detailed features of the products.

Answer Questions with Questions

If you have done the prospecting process right, there’s a high probability they won’t have any questions to ask, because then, invitation becomes automatic. But in case you miss out on something and they do have a doubt in mind, try answering one question with another. For instance, if your prospect asks “Isn’t this what they call Network Marketing?”, don’t work your head up too much to answer it. Just say, “Oh wow! You seem to have heard about it. What have you done before? Would you like to share your previous experience with this business?”. Naturally carry the conversation on and then invite. You will see that he who hesitated to even listen will answer with a yes to your invitation request.

Choice of Timing

Give your prospect 2 alternative dates to choose from. For example, Sunday at 11am or Tuesday at 7pm. When you ask them if they’re available on one particular date, they might say they’re busy or even make excuses not to attend. On the other hand, if you ask them which of the two timings they would feel more comfortable with, you will have it your way, either way. When you give someone a choice, they feel in control. By doing this, you will not just have a confirmed appointment but your prospect being seated in the meeting too.

2 Day’s Rule

Do not leave the invitation process right after extending the invitation; Be sure to leave them a reminder at least a day in advance. This way, you will be saving your time and efforts to have them in the meeting and the chances of them making it there on time will also be reasonably high.

No Obligation Meeting

While you invite your prospect, be sure to mention that it is a no obligation meeting. Make them feel that attending the meeting in no way will affect your relationship between them. Conveying this will ease the pressure off of them and your invitation will be effective and complete.

Invitation is not a science, but an art- an art every driven Network Marketer can strive to master!

Adopt all the 5 techniques and level up your invitation skills like you never have before! Because in your progress, lies mine.

Your success partner,

Deepak Bajaj