5 Powerful Prospecting Techniques for Network Marketers

Did you know that in Direct Selling, a sale can be closed even before showing the plan presentation?


The typical model of generating business in #NetworkMarketing is list-making, followed by setting of appointments, showing the plan presentation, following up with the prospect and then finally closing the sale. But 90% prospects do not even pick your call up when you try to follow up on them and you fail to set up another meeting to close the sale.

Now imagine if you could close the sale before even showing the presentation. What would that be like? To stay ahead in the race, you need to do the things that bring you maximum results and leave those that don’t.

#Prospecting, as you know it is the entire process between adding a name to your prospect list to sharing the #business opportunity with them. While it is a very broad concept, let me quickly walk you through the G.R.E.A.T. Formula– my 5 most favorite prospecting techniques that always work!

G- Genuine Appreciation

The deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated. Your prospects too, being rational human beings would like that. You just need to find out the good in them and simply convey it to them. You need to look for opportunities to genuinely appreciate people. It is also one of the best ice breakers when speaking to complete strangers. However, make sure you never lie or exaggerate or else, it may seem like flattery and they may end up with an impression of you that you wouldn’t have wanted.

R- Regular Interaction

Real action lies in interaction. Be it one-to-one meetings, or informal calls or even a reaction on their social media posts, always stay in touch. You never know, even one small like on their Instagram post can reach their heart and gradually make your bond stronger. You just need to subtly let them know that you are there for them. 99% network marketers do not use but misuse social media by giving a touch of personal advertisements to their posts and end up losing people’s respect. So learn to use Social Media the right way and make your connections stronger as you go.

E- Empathy

Empathy is the best rapport builder. You empathize by putting yourself in the other person’/s shoes and feeling what he or she may be feeling. It does not have a set script and there is no right way to empathize. You simply need to act like a human being. Do not try too hard and keep pitching your plan. Let them speak, listen and feel what they are going through because first people like you and then, they like your business.

A- Assisting Attitude

Network Marketing is a people’s business and before sales closing you need to nurture the relationship in a way that the sale is closed automatically. And that becomes easier, when you have helped the other person in one way or another. You should genuinely help people, not by going out of your way but in the smallest way possible, wherever you can. You cannot change the whole world by helping one person but by helping him, you can change his entire world.

T- Timing

Sometimes, with some prospects, you can get to the plan presentation within just 2 days. Other times, the relationship may not turn out to be as strong as expected but don’t beat yourself up about it. Many a time, it’s not about you or them, it’s about the timing. Sometimes, you need to plan and sometimes, you just need to go with the flow. If somebody says no today, don’t push them. Wait for the right time to come. No relationship is one-sided; you cannot force anyone into something they are not willing to do. Learn to respect their decision and move on.

Use the G.R.E.A.T. Formula, the next time you launch yourself out there and do not give up before you reach your ultimate goal.

Because I know you have it in you. I believe you can succeed faster.

Your success partner,

Deepak Bajaj