4 Super Ideas to Improve Focus and Concentration

Ordinary people with extraordinary focus can do extraordinary achievements!

If you want to become extraordinary, you must do what ordinary people do and then a little extra. Do you know what can help with that extra? Yes, that’s right!


Whatever you focus on, grows. If you want a big achievement, you have to invest big #focus on the efforts put in.

Here are the 4 powerful techniques that I personally use to attain laser-like focus in everything that I do.

Not-to-do List

This list is the exact opposite of a to-do list. Create a list of the things you should avoid at all costs because distractions are everywhere. Do you recall the last time you picked up your phone to check the notification panel and ended up scrolling through your Instagram feed for about half an hour? Research shows that once you get distracted, it takes about an average of 25 minutes to regain your focus. 

Every time a random thought crosses your mind, just write it down and either of these two things will happen:

  • You will realize how insignificant or illogical that particular thought is
  • Since you have it penned down, you can get back to it according to your convenience

Pick your Priorities Right

The more plural the word “Priority” gets, the higher are the chances of getting sidetracked. The more number of priorities you set, the harder it gets for you to shuffle because the human brain can single-mindedly focus on only one thing at a time.

Keep the number of priorities to a minimum and focus on one task at a time. Categorize your priorities into lifetime priorities and the ones that need immediate attention.

Click here and jump to 4:28 of the video to know how Warren Buffet sorts his priorities and manages the tasks at hand.

Eisenhower Matrix

All the successful people have one thing in common- they are masters of timemanagement and productivity. They know how to prioritize their tasks right through proven techniques and proceed further for maximum results.

One of the most common and effective techniques used is the Eisenhower Technique. Scroll through the following steps to practice it:

  • Create a 2×2 matrix with the labels, “Urgent”, “Not urgent”, “Important” and “Not important”.
  • Fill your daily tasks in the matrix.
  • Handle them by keeping the following in mind:
  1. Urgent & important– Do the tasks immediately
  2. Not urgent & important– Plan them on your calendar
  3. Urgent & not important– delegate the tasks to someone else
  4. Not Urgent & not important– delete them right away

    Simple Concentration Exercises

    Develop a habit of doing small activities on a daily basis that will help you increase your natural #concentration span over time. For starters, you can try any one of the following:

    • You can count backwards from 100-1 in your mind
    • Focus on slowly opening and closing your fist
    • Observe the minute hand of the clock for 3-5 mins
    • Find an inspiring word, silently chant that word repetitively

    Throughout my 18 years of experience in training 10 Lacs Direct Sellers, I have helped them apply these simple-to-use and effective techniques and trust me, they have worked wonders!

    My only mission is to help all of you win. Don’t wait any longer, if you are determined to do something that demands your undivided attention, make sure to experiment through all of these techniques to gain ultimate focus and master quick completion. Don’t forget to let me know in the comments below which one worked out the best for you!

    Always remember, where focus goes, your energy flows.

    Your success partner,

    Deepak Bajaj