10 Dos & Don’ts of Network Marketing

To be successful in network marketing, be assured about the things you must do and avoid completely. Here’s a simplified set-by-step guide for you. Let’s get started.

Starting out as a beginner in #networkmarketing, you must learn to have a detailed understanding about the mechanism of network marketing business. The most important aspect of business is ‘the people’. If you get a grip of what people want, what they expect and how they expect you to approach them; you can definitely bring a revolutionary change in your working pattern, target achievement, and in the network marketing business as well.

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Here are the most reliable, proven and tested implementations you can use to succeed in #networkmarketing business:

1. Yes to dialogues, no to monologues

Let the others speak, and share the problem they want a solution for. It’s always better to listen more and talk less. You can come up with an impressive solution for the people, if you know exactly what they need. Be there for them to calmly hear it out, and offer them the best solution.

2. Propose, never impose

If you want to persuade someone for a proposal, it’s suggested to simply share your experience or understanding about a specific product or service. You should never try to force or push someone to make a decision. This is not something you are liable to do anyway. This right has to remain on their part.

3. Share successful examples, don’t exaggerate

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Many times, to make others feel inspired or persuaded people do talk about inspiring stories of achievers. While doing it, they forget to differentiate between facts and fiction. And being carried away with the flow, they mistakenly drag out things and unnecessarily create false hype about things. Make sure you never do such attempts while pitching anything to people.

4. Appreciate, never degrade

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Always utter things that are worth-listening to. Demeaning words or ungrateful things can never give you a positive outcome from a meeting, proposal or any other random task. Make sure you are grateful enough to praise good things about your business, but never comment anything derogatory or disrespectful for any other company, team or a group of people.

5. Emphasize on Personal Development, don’t depend on luck

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To imagine things that you would achieve one day will not do anything for you. Instead, you need to buckle up and adapt the best personality building techniques. Work on your skills, improve yourself and develop a habit of learning new things. If you can mend your habits, you can achieve any goal that you expect to accomplish.

6. Guide your team, don’t boss around

Your team is your biggest support and asset. In this business, all are treated as equal partners, distributors. Therefore, you don’t have to be their boss. Being a part of ‘Upline’, be there with them as their mentor, a friend, a well-wisher. Guide them about the right techniques they can work with to achieve success in network marketing.

7. Go deeper, not just wider

Network marketing is a business where, to expand your network is as important as deepening your network. Volume and structure are two immensely essential aspects of this business, you need to deepen and widen your roots to be among the topmost success network marketers.

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8. Apply consistency, prevent lottery attitude

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Come out of this one-time luck mentality. There is no magic that works unless you are working constantly on polishing your skills. Keep practicing the right methods that have helped you in creating, retaining and succeeding in this business. The most consistent you are, the more success milestones you can touch.

9. Look for more prospects, don’t depend on one person

More people, more opportunities. Bigger network, bigger passive income. The formula of growth is simple in network marketing business. The more people you have the, the better chances of multiplying those opportunities are. This business is not about focusing on one person or a group of people, you have to constantly grow and look for new growth dimensions.

10. Share benefits, don’t brag about features

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No matter how great the product/service features you are offering, it is of no use if they are not problem-solving for the people. You should introduce the advantages of the product, and do not flaunt the features.

Always remember, if the product is beneficial for the user, features are secondary in the priority list.

The most successful network marketers have practiced this list of do’s and don’ts as a guideline of network marketing business. If you want to gear up your game of success, make sure you don’t miss out any of the above mentioned practices.

Follow. Succeed. Inspire.

Your Success Partner,

Team Deepak Bajaj