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Multiply your income, close more sales, enhance your charisma, improve your negotiation skills, remove hesitation and stage fear, have greater influence, captivate your audience, build your confidence, magnify your leadership, crack interviews, get faster promotions, develop a huge fan following and get more results from your meetings after mastering public speaking and communication skills from the unique master class. Whatever you do and whoever you are, this total personal transformation workshop will empower you to achieve more and succeed faster.

It’s not any regular public speaking or personality development training, It’s a complete public speaking and communication skills course that gives you cutting edge knowledge, right skills, winning mindset, empowering belief system, practical tools, techniques of world’s best speakers and live demos to empower you to achieve more and succeed faster.

The workshop gives powerful results because of its unique methodology, international course material, pre and post video trainings, daily reference guidebook, lot of exercises, daily use tools, live demos, worksheets and powerful NLP based international processes. All this produces instant changes and lasting results. The best investment you will ever make is to attend this master class.

To be the best, learn from the best.

Your Trainer & Coach: DEEPAK BAJAJ

The workshop is designed and conducted by Deepak Bajaj who is #1 Bestselling Author, Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer & High Performance Coach

  • Already trained & coached more than 7 lac people in last 16 years
  • International Master NLP Practitioner
  • 3 million views every month from 100+ countries on his videos
  • Got trainings from the world’s best trainers and coaches in USA, Europe, Singapore, Bangkok and India.
  • Best Debut Author 2018 and His books already sold more than 1,00,000 copies in 4 languages
  • Have been featured in different magazines including cover of a prestigious magazine

Who should attend?

This master class is highly recommended for each and everyone. The skills, mindset and techniques that you will master in this workshop are essential for success in every field in life. Network Marketers, real estates agents, insurance advisors, employees, students, entrepreneurs, professionals, retired people and housewives all will greatly benefit from this master class.

What are you getting in this workshop?

It’s not just a one-day workshop; it’s a complete transformation program –

1 One special video training before the workshop 6000
2 One special follow up video training after one month of the workshop 6000
3 Scientifically designed International course material 4000
4 Full Day workshop by # 1 Expert Deepak Bajaj delivering all knowledge, tools, techniques, activities, games, practice sessions and live demos 40000
5 Special Daily Reference Guidebook for public speaking and communication Skills 4000
Here is the Jackpot -

You will only pay a small fraction to get these huge benefits.


Single Ticket 6995 7995
2 to 4 Tickets (Per Ticket) 6495 7495
5 or More Tickets (Per Ticket) 5995 6995

GOLD Category Privileges:

All above 5 benefits plus

  • Seating in the Front section
  • Autographed #1 Bestselling book of Deepak Bajaj
  • Selfie with Deepak Bajaj



Event Details:

  • Date : 8th Sep 2019.
  • Time: 9 am to 5 pm
  • Venue : To be announced


Event Details:

  • Date : 15th Sep 2019.
  • Timing: 9 am to 5 pm
  • Venue : To be announced

BOOK DELHI EVENT HERE - Click on the link below based on number of tickets you need

BOOK MUMBAI EVENT HERE - Click on the link below based on number of tickets you need

Call on 8368248949/ 0124 – 4117703 for any information and booking.

What changes you can expect in you after this workshop

  • Enhance your charisma
  • More impact and results from your speeches
  • Magnified Confidence
  • Better Negotiation skills
  • Powerful stage performance
  • More success in your job/profession
  • Greater Influence and more leadership
  • No hesitation while addressing groups of people
  • Mastery of tools and techniques to deliver great speeches
  • Ability to convince people faster
  • No Stage Fear
  • Power dressing to create a powerful first impression
  • Audience analysis and preparing your speech

What our old Training participants are saying

Today I am a successful network marketer and have accomplished all my childhood dreams. Thanks to Deepak Bajaj

ChintanArora, Network Marketer

My life totally changed after attending Deepak Bajaj’s Training programs. I have resigned my 20 year old government job and have become entrepreneur.

Pratap Singh Arya, Haryana Govt.

There was one life before Deepak Bajaj’s Training program and one life after his training.

Nitu Jindal, Lecturer

Deepak Bajaj’s one session can totally change any person.

Rahul Chanda, Pharmaceuticals Sales and Marketing

Deepak Bajaj is creating successful people with high moral values.

Abhishek Mishra

From a motorcycle, I am driving a 20 Lac rupees car today because of Deepak Bajaj’s training. His trainings got unbelievable impact on me and 1000s of my teammates.

NishantChaudhary, Network Marketing

Deepak Bajaj’s Trainings have changed the attitude of my entire team.

AmitArsh, Educator and Vastu Consultant
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